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The Director's Desk serves all child care programs ranging from small home child care providers to many of the largest child care corporations.   We work with all types of organizations including private homes, public and private programs, non-profit & for-profit, Head Start, Early Head Start, State Preschools, school districts, and community organizations.



The Director's Desk is a staffing directory dedicated to the field of early childhood development.  TDD (The Director's Desk) lists available teachers and their qualifications to work in infant, preschool, state, federal, child care facilities; and after-school programs.  TDD Teachers are available on-demand, even same day, for short-term placement, long-term placement or permanent placement.  


By using The Director's Desk School, Administrators can save a significant amount of resources, time and money in fulfilling their staffing needs while maintaining compliance with Community Care Licensing. If you are a School Administrator, The Director's Desk can eliminate the time-consuming and costly hassles of recruiting and screening. We maintain a large pool of pre-screened, qualified professionals and can provide solutions to your staffing needs immediately. 

Young Teacher


The Director's Desk provides a variety of opportunities to Child Care Professionals who are either already in the child care, preschool industry or want to get started in the industry. Professionals in the field of early childhood education can find excellent pay, flexible hours, training benefits, and work assignments close to home that fit their needs and wants for employment. 


Keeping up-to-date with staff training and management training in the ever changing child care industry is a must for compliance with Title 22, Title 5, Head Start & Early Head Start, Montessori, and Operations regulations. The Director's Desk works closely with higher education programs to help prepare individuals for a career in early childhood education.