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Hi!  My name is Elisha.  I am a building child care SME (Subject Matter Expert).  I have worked in the early child education & care industry for over 30 years.  I have owned and operated 6 child care centers in California.  Two of my schools were federally-funded, so I am familiar with HeadStart's Performance Standards.  Two of my schools were state-funded; so I am familiar with Title 5.  And two of my school were privately funded so I am familiar with Title 22 Rules and Regulations.  

Before owning my own Preschools and Infant/Toddler Center I was a family child care provider.  

I am experienced in opening child care center from pre-existing buildings with a renovation and I also am familiar with building child care centers and working with city and state departments.

My passion for working with investors and child care center administrators is seeing their vision for quality child care programs come to life.